jadeelf (jadeelf) wrote in eq,

Sony FanFaire Day one.

Well it started out on a thrusday.
And because of that I ran the Terminus Media tables all by myself. :)
I managed to sell a bunch of prints and some issues of books one and two.
And of course I met lots of really cool people. :)

The fun started after the dealers room closed...
I couldn't remember where I parked my car. O_o;
And so spent nearly 3 hours (including 30 mins for eating) looking for it. :P
When I found it at last I hopped in and noticed that I could see the convention hotel's name from the driver's seat. It was pretty much a straight walk about 2 blocks away.

I'm a idiot. :D

Well I'm off again. The Dealers room opens again today at 10:00.
But today the rest of the group should be there.
And this time I'll remember where i parked. hehe. ;)

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