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EQ2 rant. Cursing inside. You've been warned.

My hubby and I took a hiatus from the game since we had to plan our wedding. Now that our lives are going back to some kind of norm, we decided to pick up the game where we left off...

For the most part, we've been lucky with our groups. I'm pleased with the amount of talent some of the people have. I'm also pleased with what they've done, revamping, and such. Some of the changes I wouldn't have made, but I understand why they did...

*Shakes head* anyway... I'm moving off topic.

Last night, hubby and I, decided to grab a group and head to Nek Castle. For those of you who aren't in the EQ2 know, Nek is an instance zone that once you leave, you can't zone back in for 8 hours. It kinda sucks, but whatever. Mach and I have a few quests we need to finish and we're grouping with two people that we've grouped with several times before. Both of which ended up in our guild (Clan of Unity) after this...

So, anyway, we pick up a Mystic (Shaman) and his wizzy bot. Already, I'm not getting a great feeling. I have reservations about people who bot, but I'll leave that for another time.

Tusk, a Dirge (bard), whom we have grouped with several times sends me a tell saying that the Mystic likes to swing his big d.ick long and wide, and he may get us killed in the process.

I tell him that not to worry, letting him die for doing stupid @#%$ usually corrects the behavior and that I have no qualms about telling him to knock the s.hit off.

Mach, Tusk, and I head to the castle to see our ranger and mystic zone in without us.

...first gripe...but overlooked. Lucky for them/us that we can zone in and still be in the same group. I didn't know if we could. It had been over six months since Mach and I had played. This is also Mach's first serious time being in Nek castle and my first time to even stepping foot inside.

We all zone in and things are looking good. We have to head down to the basement. We're taking our time because 1) Mach's first time really exploring this place 2) the hallways can be tricky with mobs and you never know what's around a corner 3) traps abound in the zone and a typical EQ Fashion 4) *GASP* It's bugged out the wazoo.

Having all that said, we make it down to the basement without a hitch. The moment we get to one of the more heavily trapped hallways, the Mystic wiggs the fck out and jumps on ahead.

Mach warns him not to do that and that we all go together. The mystic then voices his opinion that we're moving too slow for him and that he's getting bored. I told him that for his character's safety, it's better for Mach to go ahead. Rushing in wouldn't be wise.

Assh0le_01 says that the tank should do a better job.

....teeth begin to itch. Vision blurred due to flush of anger... But, Tusk did warn me about him so I'll keep my cool.

I told him that the tank was doing a fine job and that we're moving slower because he was new to this zone.

We continue down and he did it again. He rushed ahead, making his character jump all the way. Mach types in caps for him to slow down and wait up.

He doesn't listen.

Mysidia: Are you serious with yourself???? Dude, chill the f- out.

Asssshole_01: Blah blah blah, tank should do a better job, blah, blah, blah...

At this point, screen begins to turn red and brain twitches due to the consumption of such stupidity. Ladies and gentlemen, stupidity does in fact hurt. ...just those recieving it on the other end...

I told him that he must die often if this is his usual style of playing. I don't quite know why...but he shuts up and we get to a named room.

Now this is where it gets.....just...ugh!

We swarm in and do our thing. Named dies. His minions die. Huge chest pops. Traps are taken out and the loot is lottery'd on.

FckTard_01 wins two of the higher items. We have a lot more ground to cover. What does this regurgitated fecal flake do?

Gates out. Leaves the rest of the group high and dry. Doesn't ask or offer to help get us to the gate. Doesn't tell us that he's leaving with his bot. He just...zones out.

I don't know if my hearing loss was due to the anger or the sheer confusion at his brash stupidity. That's still out to the jury. What I do remember is contacting another member of his guild and asking if the guildleader is on.

Enter: RetardedChit_01.

RetardedChit_01: What's the problem?

Mysidia: I'd like to make a complaint about two of your members (at this point, I don't realize that one is a bot.)

I explain the situation as best I could. I explained that the mystic was told twice to chill out and that he could have cost the group a wiping because of his impatience. I also explained that he stranded the group after getting his loot.


*twitch*... WTF look has now been permanently frozen on my face..

I really didn't know what to say. The person I was talking to was just as rude as the guildleader and extremely unhelpful.

Is this guild serious? Is this the kind of behavior it condones?? Needless to say all of the members of this guild have been placed on my blacklist as well as my guild's.

The stupidity was just unreal. It's probably a good thing that you can't stab people through computer screens. Fcktard_01 would have had a spork jammed in his eye.
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