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Hey, just joined and figured I"d introduce my gimp self ;)

I'm a 70 shadowknight on fucking shitty ass Tunare server, originally from E'ci (E'ci for life!) I'm part of the whole Ashorty/Infinit public raiding system (the most succesful public raiding system in the history of EverQuest). We raid the same high-end content that private guilds do, while keeping our doors open to all people interested (with certain requirements for raids such as Qvic flag and CoA acces - which is more of gear req so we're not taking people into raids that levelled up using MM's).

I've been playing for about three years or so semi-casualy on my shadowknight. I had a ranger on a friend's account when EQ was released, but didn't put much time into that toon. I've still got a ranger, but he's only level 30 and I could care less about him. Just use him for tracking and foraging (which in both cases is rare anyway).

Recently I've become a bit more than a casual player, dedicating mass amounts of time into my sk because, well... sk's pwn. But, as you can probably tell - I suck at writing intros for things and will stop this nonsense shortly.

So again, just sayin "hi" and introducing myself


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