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EverQuest's Journal
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Tuesday, July 1st, 2008
8:38 pm
Former EQ players, I did some checking on Living Legacy
If you used to have an EQ account, it has been reactivated and you can download all the new expansions and play for free until July 25th.


Living Legacy is a celebration of the millions of players who have adventured in EverQuest in the last nine years. Whether you were one of the first players to call Norrath home or just dropped by for a day to explore, we're inviting you to come back and celebrate with us. Special events and unique reward opportunities are waiting. We're still in the fight. Is the fight still in you?

Log in now to celebrate:

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Current Mood: contemplative
Wednesday, September 20th, 2006
11:34 am
Hey everyone!
I just downloaded the new expansion, The Serpent's Spine, and I'm just wondering how many have gotten it via downloading and how many bought it when it came out. Granted, it just came out yesterday, but hey, thought I would ask anyway. I was thinking about starting a new character for the new race that came out.

Current Mood: creative
Wednesday, July 12th, 2006
8:22 am
Expansion for Everquest announced.
Looks like Everquest is going to have an expansion where a new race is introduced...

Friday, June 9th, 2006
1:35 pm
Hi everyone
Just a question for everyone:

Have you gone on a LDON? I'm not sure how they come up with these. Is it depending on level or how many people are in a group? I know that they don't have any reds and that the mobs don't pop back up. I have yet to adventure into on, so any information would be great!

Friday, April 7th, 2006
8:54 am
Sony FanFaire Day one.
Well it started out on a thrusday.
And because of that I ran the Terminus Media tables all by myself. :)
I managed to sell a bunch of prints and some issues of books one and two.
And of course I met lots of really cool people. :)

The fun started after the dealers room closed...
I couldn't remember where I parked my car. O_o;
And so spent nearly 3 hours (including 30 mins for eating) looking for it. :P
When I found it at last I hopped in and noticed that I could see the convention hotel's name from the driver's seat. It was pretty much a straight walk about 2 blocks away.

I'm a idiot. :D

Well I'm off again. The Dealers room opens again today at 10:00.
But today the rest of the group should be there.
And this time I'll remember where i parked. hehe. ;)


Current Mood: silly
Tuesday, April 4th, 2006
5:22 pm
EverQuest Fan Faire Atlanta GA.
Hey guy's don't know how many of you are in the Atlanta area.
But There's an EverQuest convention comming to Atlanta this weekend. :)

I'll be there along with Terminus Media. http://www.terminusmedia.com/
Where we'll be selling copies of books one and two.
Also we'll have a bunch of original pencil and print art for sale.
And as always we'll be on the lookout for new talent. ;)

If you attend, do stop by and say hello.
I'll be the guy with the pointed ears. <^_^>

Current Mood: excited
Tuesday, March 21st, 2006
1:41 pm
WoW fan films.
Though a rival game I thought I'd stare some WOW fan films. ^_^
Most are pretty funny.

This first one made me cry though.





PS. Audra give me a call.
I'm leaving for Japan in two weeks and I need your list of stuff to pick up.


Current Mood: geeky
Thursday, February 2nd, 2006
1:29 pm
Sequel to The Dark Crystal announced.
Henson Reignites Dark Crystal

The Jim Henson Co. has set Genndy Tartakovsky to direct Power of the
Dark Crystal, sequel to the 1982 fantasy film The Dark Crystal,
Variety reported.

Tartakovsky created the animated TV series hits Samurai Jack, Dexter's
Laboratory and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. His Orphanage Animation
Studios will take the lead on the computer animation elements for the
puppet-driven film, the trade paper reported.

The film becomes a co-production of Henson and the Orphanage. Lisa
Henson, co-chief executive officer of the Jim Henson Co., will produce
with Orphanage chairman Scott Stewart. Brian Froud has returned to
design the new characters.

Set hundreds of years after the first movie, the sequel follows a
mysterious girl made of fire who steals a shard of the crystal in
hopes of reigniting the dying sun.

As a fan of the original, If this is half as good as I expect it to be.
I'll be pleased. ^_^


Current Mood: excited
Monday, January 23rd, 2006
9:39 am
Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006
4:28 pm
Ninja Looter?
Hello all I'm very new to the community, I am currently on a quest(In real life) to find out where the term Ninja looter came from, someone(A few someones) pointed me in the direction of EverQuest, saying that it had to do with being able to over load bags, making them drop, and picking them up, there by stealing the other persons stuff. I know most if not all of you have heard it, but have you ever wondered where it came from? So do y'all know?

Current Mood: pensive
Wednesday, December 21st, 2005
9:44 pm
Studio Ghibli adapts Earthsea.
Studio Ghibli (Howl's Moving Castle, Mononoke Hime, Spirited Away) has officially announced that it's next project will be Gedo Senki ("Gedo War History"), an adaptation of Ursula K. Le Guin's novel "A Wizard of Earthsea," the first book of the award-winning Earthsea cycle which includes "The Tombs of Atuan," "The Farthest Shore" and "Tehanu" reports Coming Soon.

"Wizard of Earthsea" centers on Ged, who was the greatest sorcerer in all Earthsea. He was once called Sparrowhawk, a reckless youth, hungry for power and knowledge, who tampered with long-held secrets and loosed a terrible shadow upon the world. It's the tale of his testing, how he mastered the mighty words of power, tamed an ancient dragon, and crossed death's threshold to restore the balance.

The film is directed by Hayao Miyazaki's son, Goro, and is scheduled for release July, 2006 in Japan.

Ursula K LeGuin was very unhappy with the SciFi Channel version of her first two books. Obviously everyone was unhappy with it because it was a SciFi Channel production, and the only thing they’ve gotten right so far is the new EarthseaBattlestar Galactica. But LeGuin was really upset that the network changed the races of her characters, changing the lead character from a reddish-brown guy to a white kid. Read her rant about it here.


Now there’s a new chance for it to be done right – Studio Ghibli, the amazing animation studio behind Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle, will be adapting Wizard of Earthsea, the first book in the series, into Gedo Senki – Gedo War History. Ged is the name of the lead character in the series who does all sorts of fantasy novel stuff. Beats me what that actually means.

Hayao Miyazaki’s son Goro will be directing. I imagine that his four arms make him quite the animator.

But will the problems LeGuin had with the SciFi Channel be repeated here? A look at the poster for the July 2006 release indicates that Ged is… a white boy again?

Current Mood: excited
Thursday, December 15th, 2005
7:18 am
Hey, just joined and figured I"d introduce my gimp self ;)

I'm a 70 shadowknight on fucking shitty ass Tunare server, originally from E'ci (E'ci for life!) I'm part of the whole Ashorty/Infinit public raiding system (the most succesful public raiding system in the history of EverQuest). We raid the same high-end content that private guilds do, while keeping our doors open to all people interested (with certain requirements for raids such as Qvic flag and CoA acces - which is more of gear req so we're not taking people into raids that levelled up using MM's).

I've been playing for about three years or so semi-casualy on my shadowknight. I had a ranger on a friend's account when EQ was released, but didn't put much time into that toon. I've still got a ranger, but he's only level 30 and I could care less about him. Just use him for tracking and foraging (which in both cases is rare anyway).

Recently I've become a bit more than a casual player, dedicating mass amounts of time into my sk because, well... sk's pwn. But, as you can probably tell - I suck at writing intros for things and will stop this nonsense shortly.

So again, just sayin "hi" and introducing myself


Sunday, December 4th, 2005
2:54 pm


Nor is it really appropriate material at all to be displaying in a public community such as this... But it DOES have to do with EverQuest, so I'm going to post it anyway with a warning.

Now, listen, before you click those links below, finish reading this: If you do not know what the whole internet "goatse" phenomenon is about and you are NOT desensitized to the horrors of shock sites, then ignore this post all together. This is not for you. I don't want any angry emails from pissed off parents.

I didn't photoshop this image at all and it is in the game. Go look for this tribute to goatse yourself if you don't believe me. Check out this article FIRST if you're unfamiliar with the wonderful world of goatse.cx and you have no idea what the hell I'm babbling about!
This article is also not for the virgin eyes: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goatse

Some sick bastards out there may appreciate my recent find in the *cavernous area* Velketor's Labyrinth of the *Great Divide* that I posted: http://www.livejournal.com/community/goatse_fans3/622.html

Please direct all hate mail to my ass, thank you.

Monday, November 21st, 2005
5:55 pm
i just want to say hi...i just joined.

i quit playing eq back in may of this year. i played a rogue on quellious (one of the top 3 on server before i quit)

her name was relinya. so if anyone played quellious and knew me feel free and comment or something =D
Wednesday, October 19th, 2005
9:46 pm
Just joined thought I'd say hello. Only been playing Eq since April of this year. Was pretty easy to get a hang of since I came from Morrowind.

Here are my toons so far...



Current Mood: bored
Friday, October 14th, 2005
8:30 am
thought I would share
Thouth i would post my good news. My chanter made 60 last night! Free Kei!!!!
Friday, September 30th, 2005
12:04 am
Wednesday, September 21st, 2005
3:11 am
EQ2 Swag on eBay
I'm selling off all my EQ2 swag that I got while working for SEO's EQII Dev Team if anyone is interested. I've got no room for all this stuff!


If this post breaks any rules I apologize (I didn't see anything against posting an auction though).
Saturday, September 17th, 2005
10:42 pm
Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Hi, my name is Vanessa, and I just got EverQuest Platinum. It's the first time I've ever gotten a computer game that does the monthly fees. I was wondering if one of you could give me some useful information on it.

I know the fees required to play the game online with other people, but is there a way I can play it offline by myself? A way where I dont' have to pay fees?

I feel kinda stupid asking this, but I can't find anything on the topic at all.

Current Mood: curious
Friday, August 12th, 2005
4:58 am
i'm going to make an everquest is mmorpg love banner so would some of you like to send me your favorite screenshots from everquest? i would apprechaite it.

my email address is x_morfiend_x@yahoo.com, thanks.
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